And the Winner Is...

I thought I watched the debate Thursday night. I sat here in the studio and watched something for an hour and a half and then I went home.

When I got to my desk at home, I went online and discovered that I hadn't watched the debates at all. I watched something that evidently no one else in the news media watched. I don't know what it was.

I do know that the media watched something and whatever it was, John Kerry (search) won. They all said Kerry won.

That isn't what I watched.

What I watched, Kerry did well on style. He didn't speak in blocks of granite, his ill-advised insta-tan had cooled off and his blazer looked good. He was poised.

But he was saying the same thing: The war was wrong.

Bush said the same thing he's been saying too: The war was right.

Now, in my book, for Kerry to have won the debate you would have to say he convinced most Americans the war was wrong, we shouldn't have done it and he wouldn't have done it.

Instead, I got the impression the war was wrong only because it's turning out to be messy. But otherwise it was a good idea, just done badly by President Bush (search). So badly, in fact, that Bush ought to be fired, Kerry hired and Kerry will complete what Bush started.

Now, if Kerry won, he did it by convincing most Americans that what I just said was and is right: The war was done badly and Kerry will take over and do it better.

Everybody who believes that raise your hands.

Now, how did Bush do?

Bush looked annoyed and why not. This guy has been going around saying you're a dope and you screwed up a very important thing. If you're the president facing that kind of attack and you don't look annoyed, you'd better check your skull because somebody most have done a lobotomy while you weren't looking.

Of course he's annoyed. He's got a guy standing there saying the war is wrong and he's saying the war is right. The repetition in itself is annoying.

That's My Word.