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Today I am posting still pictures from our 9/11 show. Click here and check them out.

The pics will give you a bit of the behind the scenes from the show. You can see how the media is camped out in one area doing live shots and shows. Generally police and communities like to keep us all in one place for massive news events, since it is easier to organize and also protect. Of course it means that we in the media are practically standing on top of each other doing our shows, but we all manage. At these big events there is surprising cooperation among competitors.

On Monday, I hope to post pictures from our trip to Lambeau Field in Green Bay to interview Brett Favre. It was fun to spend the day in Green Bay. Tonight we will air more of the Favre interview. I am actually taking the night off and one of my FOX colleagues will guest host and toss to the Favre interview (and, of course, my colleague will current news.) Green Bay is near my home town of Appleton, so I decided to take tonight off and find a bunch of my high school and grade school friends!

Next week we have a great week planned — that's the tease! We are doing something we have not done before on our show and interviewing someone we have not yet interviewed on our show. Care to guess?

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

No "On the Record" for me tonight. If I wanted to watch a Brett Farve interview I could tune in to ESPN.
Mark Degen

E-mail No. 2

Hi Greta, last night at the end of the show, you said you'd be in Green Bay and had a "surprise." Now, do you think you fooled any of your viewers what it would be? I mean really Greta, we all know you love the Packers, we know the only celebrity left on the team is Brett, with those clues, it was obvious! Your show is great! Take care!
Michael Pressman
Akron, OH

E-mail No. 3

OMG, I did not know that you were from Appleton, WI! Back in 1967, I was there for the Dallas-Green Bay game... the ICE Bowl! I've never been so cold. I was 19 years old and flew up there to watch the game from Dallas. I'll never forget that game, we had to go to the store and buy warm clothes because we didn't know what cold was! I spent the first quarter trying to stay warm, went to the ladies room for the second, half and third quarters and listened to the 4th quarter on the radio of the car! You people up there are TOUGH! And you beat us in the last 6 seconds! What a game!

E-mail No. 4

This is a real disaster for American justice system. Debra Lafave, who committed crime, cannot go to jail. Nobody cares that she is a sex offender. She is too pretty to be in jail. But this is not right and not fair. If a man commits the same crime as she did, he will end up in jail immediately. Also, if a woman commits a murder and if she is pretty, she will never end up in jail. That's because it's not him. It's her.
Alexander Reznikov

E-mail No. 5

Thank you so much for all of your stories and pictures of Steve Irwin. He was such an incredible man, with such passion and devotion to all things living. I think it is deplorable that stingrays have been slaughtered because of his death. He would be appalled.
I learned so much from him, as did my children. I don't look on snakes with loathing any more!
I feel as though I have lost a family member, and grieve for his friends and family. It breaks my heart that he is gone.
Thank you.
Joy Stollar
Columbus, OH

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