An Impeachment Storm Is Bearing Down on Washington

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Nancy Pelosi has spoken: no impeachment. John Conyers, head of the House Judiciary Committee,agreed. No impeachment.

All the little moderate Democrats lined up in a row have said the same thing: no impeachment. They all have the same reason. They want a Democrat to win back the White House, and the embarrassment of an impeachment would imperil that chance.

However, one little problem: The people who think they were the ones who put the Democrats back in power. They do want Bush impeached and they're going to insist on it.

How do I know this? A popular liberal Web site ran a poll, and 87percent said they wanted impeachment. This, by the way, should tell you why Congress is not going to pass legislation which would make Bush's NSA wiretapping program legal. And double by the way, this is also why you won't see anybody prosecuted for leaking the NSA wiretapping story to The New York Times.

Howard Fineman, writing in Newsweek, says this: “We are entering a dark time in which the central argument advanced by each party is going to involve accusing the other party of committing what amounts to treason. Democrats will accuse the Bush administration of destroying the Constitution; Republicans will accuse the Dems of destroying our security.”

Republicans may well make that accusation, but it is the Democrats who have the whip hand now. They control the Congressional committees and they control subpoena power. Investigations are going to bloom like an early spring starting about January second.

Nancy Pelosi may say no impeachment now, but when the findings of investigation are leaked to The Times and The Post and they are splashed over the front pages and the network newscasts, fending off the impeachers is going to become a very difficult chore for Ms. Pelosi. That's because the angriest of voters this time want impeachment badly. They've been dreaming of it, and they are going to insist they are rewarded for bringing the Democrats to power.

It's one of the few times Fineman and I agree. So savor the moment. We're both right. Hang on to your hat. A storm is bearing down on Washington.

That's My Word.

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