Amnesty's Animosity: Huge 'Am'-barrassment or 'Am'-ple Evidence?

Amnesty International says the achievement of bringing freedom to Iraq has been tainted by the rise of violations it blames on the U.S. and its coalition partners.

Amnesty's animosity: Huge 'am'-barrassment or 'am'-ple evidence?

A sample of your responses:

What a joke. Amnesty International is just bothered by the fact that toppling brutal dictators is a threat to their job security.
Timothy K.
Shelton, Wash.

"Am"-nesty International might be "am"-nonymous if they couldn’t take an "am"-barrassing position on issues and get their name "am"-nounced in the news for free publicity. How else would anyone hear of them?

Amnesty International has real cause in questioning detention without charges, incarceration without access to lawyers, ignoring reasonable standards of the Geneva Convention for supposedly "illegal" combatants in extraterritorial detention in Cuba. Amnesty International raises concerns about scores of nations violating human rights....However, the United States never wants to accept criticism for any of its questionable practices.
Terrence L.
Knoxville, Tenn.

I saw only part of the Amnesty International conference. There was only one question I would have asked this spokesman. The coalition liberated 8 million people, deposed a dictator, saved thousands of lives, removed a regional threat, stopped a terrorist supporter, made the entire world more safe and my question would have been, what did you do in this effort?
David S.
London, Ky.

Amnesty International criticizes every country in the world on human rights. That is their reason for being! Not to give compliments. And did I hear your guest ask where Amnesty International was when the Kurds in North Iraq were gassed. The question should be where was the U.S. when the Kurds in North Iraq got gassed.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Where was Amnesty International when Saddam and his regime was murdering its citizens for so many years? I don't remember them saying anything about that.
Luanne S.
Bridgeport, Conn.

Amnesty International has always looked for ways to criticize the United States. They view us as bad....Anything we do will be viewed by these people with jaundiced eyes.
Lonnie T.

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