Americans Urged to Leave Oman, UAE

The State Department on Monday urged Americans to leave Oman and the United Arab Emirates "due to heightened tensions and increased security concerns resulting from the current situation in the region."

The department said families of U.S. officials and nonessential embassy workers also were advised to leave and that the U.S. embassies would have enough employees to provide consular services.

Oman and the United Arab Emirates border Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. The U.S. Air Force has planes stationed in both countries prepared to attack Iraq if President Bush authorizes military action.

The State Department asks U.S. citizens who remain in either country to register with the U.S. embassy and enroll in emergency alert networks to get updated security and travel information.

The department cautions Americans to "remain vigilantly aware of surroundings, avoid crowds and demonstrations, keep a low profile" and vary travel habits.