Americans Are Looking to Enjoy Life More

You would think losing weight, or getting in shape or cutting out smoking would lead the list of New Year's resolutions. They do most other years.

But not this year. According to a recent poll — sponsored by General Nutrition Centers, no less — diet, exercise and kicking bad habits don't even appear 'near' the top of Americans' resolution lists.

You know what does? Enjoying life more.

You heard me right. Fully 67 percent of respondents say the one thing they want to do is learn to appreciate life more. Fifty-nine percent say they want to spend more time with friends and family. Only 38 percent want to lose weight (which breathed a sigh of relief into this calorically challenged correspondent).

No doubt, last Sept. 11 changed a lot of folks' perspective on things. And all to the good, as I see it.

It made us focus on what's really important. The loved ones we hold dear. Not the pounds we hold near.

We could do a lot worse than resolve to be a lot more as people, as friends, as family, as human beings. Other surveys strike a remarkably similar chord. Big possessions are out. Big family chats are in.

It's not about simply making a killing on Wall Street, but getting to know the riches around us ...on Main Street. I'll drink and eat to that anytime.

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