'American Idol' Spoiler Alert!

OK, this morning we thought we would play table tennis with tennis legend, Jimmy Connors. Instead we got a celebrity umpire as Tiki and Kiran battled me on "FOX & Friends First." Aside from that, we ran like clockwork this morning, as E.D. — back from Texas — took her seat back in the center square.

Of course, what would a Tuesday be without an "American Idol" castoff and we were pleased to meet young Paris Bennett this morning. She looks so young — nice sneakers! — and, by the way, she might just be the most talented singer ever to grace the "Idol" stage. As you probably know, Elliott gets voted off this week.

I know that I said I would never talk about Moussaoui again on the show, but guess what? The wannabe terrorist had his last words: "I want a retrial." The answer is NO.

We tried something new this morning: Doing our second hour "Talking Points" outside in the elements with our fine sidewalk audience. It was heartening to see the group from Texas and their two street buddies could correctly sing the entire national anthem — unlike 61 percent of Americans. As you may know, a recent survey revealed most of you can't nail the lyrics of the "Star-Spangled Banner."

So far, we have over 110,000 entries for our "Breakfast with Friends" sweepstakes. Remember, we are seen around the globe and you can be too at least for one day!

On Wednesday, watch as "Constitution in Exile" author, Judge Napolitano, co-hosts "FOX & Friends First."


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