American Cowards

Spotlighting a true villain, that's the subject of this Talking Points memo.

David Duncan took the Fifth Amendment Thursday in front of a congressional committee investigating Enron. Duncan is the Arthur Andersen auditor charge of examining Enron's crooked books. And Duncan is accused of shredding documents damaging to Enron.

Now, many people I've spoken with have no problem with Duncan taking the Fifth Amendment, saying it's his constitutional right to do so. They don't seem very angry with him. In fact, I haven't heard anyone call Duncan what he is, a villain. So let me be the first to do that.

Millions of Americans, including many senior citizens and young families have been hurt by Enron's deceit. They lost billions. That's irrefutable. Now the authorities have to find out exactly who's responsible for the massive fraud, and David Duncan could help them do that.

But he's taken the Fifth, protecting himself. If Duncan had a shred of decency in him, he would tell all he knows and take what punishment is meeted out. He would put his country first and try to help the authorities pursue justice. But Duncan is a corporate weasel and a coward. While millions of his countrymen have lost billions of their hard-earned dollars, he's hiding behind high-priced lawyers and his rights.

Now, there's no question that Duncan has the right to keep silent, just as I have the right to speak up and call him a person not worthy to be called an American. This man should be shunned. You simply don't hose your fellow citizens as Duncan has done and expect to be embraced.

In this time, when we have lost 3,000 Americans to the barbarians and our military is risking their lives in pursuit of the terrorists, we have a bunch of Enron and Arthur Andersen fat cats scrambling to save their sorry butts. I mean, come on! All Americans should detest these guys. Put Duncan in with John Walker. They both betrayed the American people.

Another former Enron executive, Cliff Baxter, committed suicide... another coward. Baxter also should have stepped up, told what he knew. Again, millions of people got hurt here, and justice must be imposed on those who did that.

Talking Points is disgusted with these Enron and Andersen people. They truly represent the worst of America: greed, deceit, and cowardice.

And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As you may know, we've been poking a bit of fun at our pal Alan Keyes for changing from a suit jacket into a sweater during his program. Well, today, I got this from Dr. Keyes. Wow! It's 100 percent acrylic. I think that grows in Alabama, doesn't it?

Anyway, Alan also sent me this note: "Bill, here's a little something to help you keep that warm feeling. My mom always told us it's best to share."

Well, thank you, Alan. And it's only ridiculous if I get a rash or something.

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