'American Carol' Star on Attending RNC

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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: And welcome back to the special edition of HANNITY & COLMES.

We are live from the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in Minnesota, and we, right now, are waiting for President Bush to address the RNC. That's coming up in just a few minutes from right now.

Also tonight, coming up later, senators Joe Lieberman and Fred Thompson will take the stage, and tomorrow night we will hear from John McCain's VP pick, Alaska governor Sarah Palin, and she'll address the convention for the very first time.

But joining us now is McCain supporter, actor, Jon Voight, who is starring, by the way, in a brand new movie, "An American Carol," in theaters on October 3rd. One of our greatest.


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HANNITY: . greatest supporters of the troops.

VOIGHT: Thank you.

HANNITY: And we cannot thank you — this is your passion. That is.

VOIGHT: Oh you bet.

HANNITY: National security is the most important thing to you.

VOIGHT: You bet, it's number one.

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VOIGHT: And that's why I'm for John McCain, for the safety of our country and for the prosperity of our country, we need this man.

HANNITY: You know, I have been so offended by the attacks against Sarah Palin, who, I think, is a wonderful choice for the vice presidency.

VOIGHT: You bet.

HANNITY: Incredible executive background and experience.

You know, one of the things — I know they talk a lot about, for example, choice — liberals are pro-choice. Well, she's made a lot of choices in her life. She made a choice to have children, a lot of — a choice to be a working mother, a choice, even though she knew she would have a special needs child.

She made choices, but you know what? I've got a question. Why are they not pro-choice for conservatives?

By the way, there's President Bush 41.

VOIGHT: And also.

HANNITY: George Herbert Walker Bush who is just officially introduced to the crowd.

VOIGHT: And Colonel Bud Day who's sitting next to him, and I heard Colonel Bud Day speak today.


VOIGHT: And Colonel Bud Day, he's the most amazing man. He served this country from 1942 in the military to 1977.


VOIGHT: Amazing. He's won every possible medal, and he's bent over now and older, but he's so strong, such a strong man. I mean he's an amazing man — amazing hero.

HANNITY: Are you close to the Bush family?

VOIGHT: Not — I don't really know them very well. I've been impressed by what I've.

HANNITY: Let's go back to the issue of.

VOIGHT: . seen and interactive with them a little bit.

HANNITY: Do you see a lot of hypocrisy in terms of the attacks? Liberals have said the most vicious, vile, horrible things on the Web and on the blogs, and I thought liberals were in favor of women who made tough choices about balancing, being a mother and having professional careers.

VOIGHT: Well, it certainly seems they're — you know, they're kind of a little bit off center now. They're frightened a little bit. It seems to me. They're.

HANNITY: I agree with you.

VOIGHT: . in a defensive pattern and they're trying to find anything. So they're getting stuff from here and from there and they're trying to make news out of it, and they're going to have difficulty with this ticket, because this ticket is an awfully strong ticket, and these people are — the one thing they have is tremendous character.

HANNITY: You know.

VOIGHT: Proven character.

HANNITY: In the Gallup Poll, 35 percent of Hillary Clinton supporters are not on board with Barack Obama right now, and it seems that it's going to be a wide open race, and obviously, he's got a very small bump.


HANNITY: . compared historically to other polls that came out after their convention.


HANNITY: Why do you think that is? Why is he doing so poorly?

VOIGHT: Well, I think there are many reasons. I have to just say that my concerns with Barack Obama are many, as I've — and I've stated them, but one of the big concerns is that they're not looking into his past. They're covering it over.

And, for instance, his connection with Ayers.

HANNITY: Ayers, yes.

VOIGHT: Ayers, rather. Bill — William Ayers. It's a big — it's a deep connection, and as the Annenberg Paper is going to come out very soon and expose a lot of that, and he — said well, he's just a person in the neighborhood. They've been just trying to avoid this.


VOIGHT: And I understand that you're going to have something to say, Alan.


COLMES: You want to filibuster.

VOIGHT: But let me just — no, I just want to finish.

HANNITY: He's a guest. Let him talk.

VOIGHT: I want to finish. And his association is a serious association because they have been participant in something that has to do with our schools and teaching teachers, and then this fellow who was an unrepentant terrorist against our country.


VOIGHT: . has been in a very high position in.


VOIGHT: . the University of Illinois Chicago.

COLMES: Hey, Jon, the — we only have a short time here. But good to have you back on the show.

VOIGHT: It can — OK.

COLMES: Good to see you.

VOIGHT: Good to see you, too.

COLMES: You know, your brother, Chip Taylor, is totally opposite with you politically. He even said some interesting (INAUDIBLE) conversation.

VOIGHT: This is interesting. Well, no — he hasn't ever said that to me.

COLMES: Really? That's very interesting. Let me — very quickly. You know it's — there are certain things that should be off limits. You talk about people's families? What about people's religion? You go after.

VOIGHT: Yes, why did you bring up my brother?

COLMES: You go — you go after Barack Obama's religion, his faith. He was accused by some corners for being a Muslim.

VOIGHT: Hold on a second.


VOIGHT: I went after his faith?

COLMES: Not you. I'm saying that there are those on the right.

HANNITY: His pastor said GD America.

COLMES: . who have gone after his pastor, his faith, his church.

VOIGHT: No. I don't think so.

COLMES: That's not right either.

VOIGHT: I don't think so.


VOIGHT: Look — I think — look, these people in his past that you would like to protect or you'd like to rationalize.

COLMES: I think it's relevant.

VOIGHT: . they're the only people who can speak for his character. And if they're the only people who can speak to his character, we're in a lot of trouble.

COLMES: I don't think they are, but anyway.

HANNITY: Jon Voight, good to see.

COLMES: Thank you very much for being here tonight.

HANNITY: It's an honor to have you. Thank you very much.


VOIGHT: Thanks very much.

COLMES: Nice to see you.

VOIGHT: Good to see you, Alan.

COLMES: Thanks very much.

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