America: Lone Ranger on Iraq

Starting to feel like the lone ranger? All of our so-called friends are saying nyet to our war on Iraq.

While Prince Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador, was in Texas telling the president no to any war in Iraq, Hosni Mubarak was also saying no. He's the elected dictator of Egypt, another of our friends who say no to war with our enemies but gladly take a couple billion a year to keep their regimes going.

These friends of ours have now lined up the world to say no. The French, the Germans, the Scandinavians, the Middle Easterners... all of 'em... everybody. They all say no.

So why is this? Well, it's simple.

The countries against the war are the same countries that have no expectation of being attacked by Saddam Hussein. Germany isn't expecting a nuke in Duseldorf. France isn't expecting a dirty bomb in Cannes. Saddam has figured out that he need only menace the U.S. and Israel. If the U.S. and Israel decide to act against Iraq, they will risk world condemnation.

We are Saddam's targets. The rest of the world either doesn't care or is quietly cheering him on, because they don't like the U.S. being so powerful.

President Bush should remember that the only countries that should get to vote on a war with Iraq are the ones Saddam is likely to hit.

The rest should go back to hand-wringing and tongue-clucking and living their oh-so-civilized lives free of fear from Iraqi terror.

That's My Word.

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