Always Something to Complain About...

Some days I marvel at the things people find to complain about. Would you believe the Freedom From Religion Foundation is complaining that flags are at half-staff at state and federal buildings this week (in honor of the Pope)? It's true. FFRN says this is a tacit government endorsement of Catholicism over other religions. Let me know what you think, e-mail me at — and I'll use your e-mails on the air Thursday.

Also, we're finally doing that DVD segment Thursday — the one where the father of a serial killer is selling DVDs of his son being interviewed by police and describing in gruesome detail how he murdered his victims. Duke White, father of Richard Paul White (search) says a portion of the revenue from the $39.95 DVD will go to children of the murder victims. (Although Duke has sold some of these DVDs already, so far none of the victims' children have received any money. Duke says it's because he hasn't yet made enough money to cover his production costs.)

He also says some of the revenue will go to HIS grandchildren, who he says were traumatized when they testified before a grand jury about the killings. Richard Paul White is serving life in prison; he confessed to killing three people, and he has told police that he murdered three others as well — though he has not been charged in those cases. One more thing: Duke plans to release a second DVD this summer, showing his son "speaking to God" after he was arrested. (See my Monday April 4 blog for more details on this story).

—Oh, by the way, that little surprise my producers had for me at the end of the show today was a fundraiser dinner for the Wounded Warrior Project (search) that I emceed Monday night...I wish I would have had more time to tell you about this wonderful organization of soldiers helping soldiers and Soldier Ride — an organization that raises money to support our wounded troops. Soldier Ride 2 starts in May and you can learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project and Soldier Ride on their and

See you Thursday.


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