Alleged Driver in Sunroof Killings Nabbed

The man who police say was at the wheel of a Jaguar when a passenger stood up through the sunroof and opened fire with an assault rifle, killing three people, was arrested on suspicion of murder. Authorities continued to search for the gunman.

Jimmy Aristides Velasquez (search), 20, was taken into custody Wednesday. A warrant was issued for the alleged gunman, Israel Barretero (search), 21, police said.

The shooting took place early Tuesday on a road near Southern Methodist University (search).

Police believe the attack stemmed from a bar fight earlier in the evening between one of the shooting victims and the owner of the Jaguar, who was wounded in the fight.

Police believe friends took the Jaguar owner to the hospital, then returned to the bar and waited for the group involved in the fight to leave, police said. Then the friends followed them, opened fire on their vehicle, and sped away, police said.

"Apparently, they were just two people who went on a vendetta for a friend," Capt. Leon Holman said.