Alleged Al Qaeda Operative: Usama Bin Laden Warns of New Attack

And now some fresh pickings from the grapevine:

Terrorist Attack Will Be 'Back-Breaking'
Usama bin Laden (search) is promising a terrorist attack inside the United States that will be "back-breaking and which [will] change the order of things," that according to a man claiming to be an Al Qaeda operative. An Arab magazine in London quotes an e-mail purporting to be from Abu Mohammed al-Ablaj: "[Americans] should prepare ... their coffins, hospitals and graves. The coming days will be full of surprises and great events which will make them a historic example." Al-Ablaj says that after the "far-reaching operation," bin Laden will release a congratulatory video.

Seventy-Five Percent Say Capture Will Reduce Attacks
A new poll out of Iraq shows that 75 percent of Iraqis believe the capture of Saddam will reduce or even halt guerrilla attacks against coalition forces. The poll, conducted by the Iraq Center for Research and Strategic centers in eight cities across the country, also shows that a majority of Iraqis now hope Saddam is executed, but only after a fair trial before Iraqi judges. Still, nearly 10 percent of Iraqis say they don't believe it is Saddam who is truly behind bars, and another 5 percent of Iraqis refused to answer any questions in the poll out of fear that Saddam would return and punish them.

Double Take
Under the category of "take this for what it's worth," a former double for Saddam's son Uday (search) claims he received an e-mail from Uday two weeks ago in which the former brutal regime official said, "I will not be quiet until I take on all those who have harmed me." The double, in an article translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, says despite reports that Uday was killed by coalition forces five months ago, he knows it's Uday who sent the message because it used a code known only to Uday.

U.S. Running a 'Concentration Camp?'
And finally, the government of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro (search), infamous for its civil rights violations, is now blasting the United States for running a "concentration camp" at Guantanamo Bay, insisting "hundreds of foreign prisoners are subjected to indescribable abuses." This marks the first time since the Sept. 11 atrocities that Cuba has criticized the United States for its base at Guantanamo Bay.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report