Dude can't look like a lady at Morehouse College.

A new policy at the all-male college is banning "wearing of clothing usually worn by women" on the Georgia campus or at college-sponsored events, the Atlanta Chronicle Constitution reports.

The policy aims to "get back to the legacy" of Morehouse College, according to Dr. William Bynum, vice president of the office of student services.

Other clothing prohibited at certain times or places on campus include caps, do-rags, sunglasses, jeans, "sagging pants" and clothes with derogatory language.

Students that violate the new rules risk academic suspension.

Student government co-chief of staff Cameron Thomas-Shah supports the new rules and told the Atlanta Chronicle Constitution that the "image of a strong black man needs to be upheld." Morehouse College is a historically black institution.

"And if anyone sees this policy as something that is restrictive then maybe Morehouse is not the place for you," he said.

However, others such as Daniel Edwards, co-president of the campus gay straight alliance, says the new policy is discriminatory.

“It is all an issue of perception and what manner of image you want to prescribe to," Edwards told the Atlanta Chronicle Constitution.

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