Ali, Spy Game and Not Another Teen Movie

Floating like butterflies and stinging like bad comedy. Two new movies are out on video and caught in the flashing midnight glare of The Foxlight.

I called Ali a triumph of Will and spirit. I think it's a great film. Even with Jon Voight's Saturday Night Live impression of Howard Cosell. Will Smith gives just enough bravado to be believable. And he pumped up Hanz and Franz-style for the role. Critics said it didn't tell us enough, but that's always the problem when know a lot is known about the subject. Ali himself liked it probably because it softballs his womanizing. But the reason I can't wait to see it on DVD is the captioning. The wall of sound I heard in the theater will finally be completely understood. Including a lot of great jokes from the vastly underrated Jamie Foxx.

The other new release is Not Another Teen Movie, it's proof that the Wayans brothers do this parody genre a whole lot better. This is another teen movie to avoid.

Finally, Spy Game is out. And I'm glad because I don't think it found a big enough audience at the theaters. Redford is a pleasure to watch as both the cat and the mouse in this CIA thriller that always feels authentic.