Alabama Abortion Clinic Gives Up License After Woman Gives Birth to Stillborn Baby

An abortion clinic surrendered its license Wednesday amid allegations that a woman delivered a nearly full-term stillborn baby after a staff member gave her an abortion-inducing drug without a doctor present.

Summit Medical Center in Birmingham has been closed since the Alabama Department of Health suspended its operations on May 17, citing numerous violations of health rules, said Rick Harris, director of the state agency's bureau of provider standards.

State health officials have said a clinic staff member, rather than a doctor, performed an ultrasound in February on a woman seeking an abortion and mistakenly determined she was six weeks pregnant. She was nearly full term.

The nurse practitioner then gave the woman the RU 486 abortion drug even though the woman's blood pressure was dangerously high.

The woman went to an emergency room six days later and delivered a 6-pound stillborn baby, according to a state health department report.

Attorney General Troy King and the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners are investigating the clinic, which could face criminal charges.

The board has banned Dr. Deborah Lyn Levich and nurse practitioner Janet F. Onthank King from working together and accused Levich of allowing her nurse practitioner to prescribe drugs and render services for which she was not approved.

Calls to a lawyer who has represented the clinic were not returned Wednesday.