Al-Qaddafi Sorry for British Police Death 25 Years Ago

Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi says he is sorry about the death of a British policewoman shot outside Tripoli's embassy in London 25 years ago.

But he says he does not know who killed Yvonne Fletcher with shots from inside the embassy. No one has been convicted of the 1984 killing, though the Libyan government has accepted that its agents were responsible.

al-Qaddafi told Sky News he is sorry Fletcher died doing her job protecting the embassy. He says the case is "a problem which should be solved. But who did it? That's the question."

In an interview broadcast Monday, Gadhafi also said the Palestinians should be allowed to have nuclear weapons if Israel does not get rid of its own arsenal, and he called President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize "premature."