Ah-nold, Malcolm and Rollerball

Ah-nold, Malcolm and Rollerball the remake in the retouched glare of The Foxlight.

They said this film wouldn't get released after Sept. 11. But here's Collateral Damage. An ordinary Arnold action movie subjected to extraordinary circumstances. Is this exploitation? Some say yes. Arnold says let the audiences decide. But if you ask him point blank if he likes the movie, use a full sentence.

McCuddy: "Proud of the film?"

Arnold: (Pause) "Is that it?"

McCuddy: "Well..."

Arnold: "I'm used to be asked a whole question."

Okay, Arnold, give me more than four minutes and I'll use complete sentences.

Next, Malcolm in the Middle's Frankie Muniz thinks Planet of the Apes' Paul Giamatti is a Big Fat Liar. And Paul's going to be pretty blue over the whole thing. Can Malcolm break out of the middle of the pack this weekend at the box office? Critics say he shouldn't quit his night job.

Finally, with no big premiere, press junkets or advance screenings, take your chances with this remake of the James Caan action on futuristic skates called Rollerball. In the words of Melanie, they've got a brand new pair of rollerskates. This time around and around and around are brand new keys LL Cool J and American Pie's Chris Klein. Here's a film that just goes around in circles and is proud of it. Will this roll into cable next week?