Aging rockers, country dudes and Anna Nicole Smith all in the bright highbeams we call The Foxlight.

Willie Nelson admits he's laying off the pot and leaning on the soy shakes. Could it be that one of country music's original outlaws is going straight? No! One flip through his new book, The Facts of Life and Other Dirty Jokes, and you'll find that he hasn't changed all that much. The sometimes funny and raunchy book contains Nelson's musings on his life and music. It's really a journal. And hopefully it will do better than his new album.

The Who didn't know at the beginning they'd be around this long, but the songs keep them relevant. Roger Daltrey says pop music is "so nothing at the moment" because it's so produced. He says there is a nice part about getting older the band members don't have so many ego problems and everyone shows up on time. As for the future of The Who, Daltrey says they're going to try to make another album this year.

You think someone like Anna Nicole Smith has it all? She doesn't have everything. Smith tells E! she has not had "sex in seven years." Then, she laughs and asks "did I say that out loud?" She says she's "been cooped up for a long time" and it's time for her to "get out." I think I speak for most of us when I say keeping her penned up isn't such a bad idea.