Affleck, Kudrow Bomb; Clay Beating Ruben to Record Stores

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Ben Affleck and Lisa Kudrow bomb at the box office and Clay's beating Ruben to record stores in today's Foxlight.

Looks like Ben Affleck (search) has another stinker on his hands. Despite a long promotional HBO trailer called "Project Greenlight," the new movie "The Battle of Shaker Heights" made about 10 cents in its opening weekend.

The film could develop some word-of-mouth, but really, as great as a theatrical release is -- when is HBO going to realize these films would be much better as HBO premieres the week right after the series ends? Oh that's right, then what does Miramax get out of it? Never mind.

Another big loser at the movies this past weekend? Lisa Kudrow (search), who proved she'd better have plenty of "Friends" money put aside. Or she may be wondering if she needs a spin-off series like "Joey." For the record, I've always thought her character would be the best spun. But the movie she bombed in was called "Marci X." Put it this way, you've never heard of it and it was in theaters this weekend. Ouch.

Finally, a victory for Clay Aiken. His new album was supposed to come out the same day as "American Idol" (search) Ruben Studdard's, but now it's set to be in stores a month earlier. Ruben says he was busy doing press junkets. Clay is also performing at the Miss America pageant. Rube, big guy, get out there. You're number one. Aren't you?