Affleck-Kimmel Video a Web Sensation

The star-studded spoof music video ''I'm F—-ing Ben Affleck'' — which debuted on the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" post-Oscar show — is a viral sensation on the Web.

The long-running "feud" between Kimmel and Matt Damon escalated earlier this month when Kimmel's comedienne girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, sent Kimmel a video "Dear John" letter. Silverman strums her acoustic guitar and apologetically tells Kimmel, "I'm f—-ing Matt Damon."

Damon, who is married, joins Silverman in the video and the two describe all the different places they are having sex (all in jest, of course). At one point, Damon gestures to Silverman's chest and defiantly asks, "Hey, Kimmel, how do you like them apples?" — a homage to his oft-quoted line in "Good Will Hunting."

Silverman then confesses, "Last week when I was playing Scrabble with you online, I was f—-ing Matt Damon."

Click here to watch (Warning: Contains foul language.)

In response to Silverman’s video, Kimmel released his own video proclamation of love for Affleck, the similarly titled "I’m F—-ing Ben Affleck." The video parody features a shirtless Kimmel quietly strumming his guitar in a romantic ballad dedicated to Affleck, then launches into a heavier rock anthem.

Click here to watch (Warning: Contains foul language.)

Affleck joins Kimmel and they begin grooming each other in various ways. Their "lust" for each other is underscored when Affleck grabs Kimmel's "breasts" and pronounces them larger than Silverman’s.

The video is peppered with cameos by A-listers such as Brad Pitt, who plays a low-key delivery guy delivering Kimmel a cake to celebrate his "relationship" with Affleck.

The video takes an even more surreal turn when '80s rock legend Joan Jett leads a celebrity-packed "We Are the World"-style tribute to the couple, complete with earnest singing of Robin Williams, Macy Gray, Cameron Diaz and Huey Lewis, among others.

FOX News' Caroline Cooney contributed to this report.