Actress Dawson Fighting Convention Charges

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Actress Rosario Dawson (search) says she will fight disorderly conduct and obstruction charges stemming from her arrest during the Republican National Convention (search) last year.

Dawson, 25, was arrested filming the movie "This Revolution" (search) along with director Stephen Marshall. Authorities said she was wearing two handkerchiefs on her face with only her eyes showing.

A criminal complaint says she refused when ordered by police to move from the 35th Street and Eighth Avenue location, near the site of the GOP convention.

When Marshall tried to show the city film permit to police, he and Dawson were arrested.

Dawson refutes the police department's claim that she refused to move.

A Manhattan criminal court judge Tuesday denied Dawson's request to dismiss the charges and said her trial would begin next week, The New York Post reported in Wednesday editions.