Actor's Wife Buried at Forest Lawn

Robert Blake's wife was buried Friday in a small, short service in Burbank, Calif., three weeks after she was found murdered in a Hollywood mystery that has yet to be solved.

But even as her sister was laid to rest, Bonny Lee Bakley's sister Margerry Bakley told Fox News Channel in no uncertain terms that she believes it was Blake who murdered the mother of his 1-year-old daughter.

"I think it's the biggest screenplay he's ever been in," Margerry Bakley said in Fox's New York City studio."He told her he had a script written out for her, and this is it. He's playing it out.

"This is the end of the script," she said minutes later. "At least for her."

Bonny Lee Bakley was interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills, among many of the movie stars she adored. Her family did not attend, despite an invitation from Blake.

"I didn't feel I ought to stand next to the man I believe, strongly, killed my sister," Margerry Bakley said.

The Catholic ceremony lasted about 15 minutes and was attended by about 18 people, including Blake, his adult children from other marriages and Rose Lenore Sophie Blake, his daughter with Bakley, a happy-looking baby dressed in a lilac-colored outfit. Blake stood up and mumbled a few words in which he said he was grateful to Bakley's family for allowing him to have her buried in California so their daughter could visit the grave. Then he promised to care for their little girl and be the best father he could.

Watching the ceremony on a television in the New York studio, Margerry Bakley said she would do whatever she could to get custody of the child.

"If and when Robert Blake goes to jail, I'm immediately going to pursue custody," she said. "Right now she's staying with Blake's daughter. I have a hard time believing they’re going to look at this baby and not have some animosity toward her."

She also said she never gave Blake permission to hold the funeral in California, and noted that she has other children who would be inconvenienced by the location of her grave.

Last week, Blake's lawyers canceled a secret memorial ceremony after the location was disclosed and members of the media rushed to the funeral home. The family, which had planned to bury her in New Jersey, abandoned that idea, fearing a similar crowd there.

Bakley was shot to death May 4 as she waited in the actor's car for him to return from a restaurant where they had just eaten. Blake told police he returned to the restaurant to retrieve a handgun he had been carrying to protect his wife.

Police have made no arrests and have sealed all documents in the case.

Margerry Bakley said she was frustrated with the slow pace of the investigation.

"I guess he covered his tracks pretty good," she said.

Margerry Bakley said that her sister had been constantly terrified that Blake would try to kill her and even predicted her own death at his hands. She said Blake had orchestrated a bizarre, elaborate plot in which he had actors portray police officers so Bonny Lee Bakley would be arrested for violating probation and so he could essentially kidnap the baby from her, charges which Blake's lawyers flatly deny

Although police have not ruled out Blake as a suspect in the killing, his lawyer Harland Braun has contended that many people may have had a motive to kill Bakley.

Braun said his own investigation into Bakley's past has revealed a swindling scheme in which she preyed on lonely men, sold pornographic pictures of herself and promised sex to her correspondents. She had been convicted of possessing fake IDs in Arkansas.

Margerry Bakley confirmed that her sister had been married at least eight times, each time getting a divorce or an annulment, except, of course, for the last.

"She had a problem with falling in love real quick and easy," she said. "Money was not always the motive for her.

"She never asked (Blake) for anything other than his love," she added. "She never got it."

--The Associated Press contributed to this report