Accused Toll Booth Gunman: 'I Did It; They Can Kill Me'

A California man accused of gunning down a toll booth worker and a bus driver said Friday he is guilty of both murders and wants to die now rather than go to trial for the crimes, KTVU reported.

Nathaniel Burris, 46, was charged with two counts of murder for the Tuesday shootings of his ex-girlfriend, toll collector Deborah Ross, and Golden Gate Transit bus driver Ersie "Chuck" Everette at the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge toll plaza.

The Richmond man also faces special circumstances allegations that he committed multiple murders and carried them out by lying in wait, charges that make him eligible for the death penalty.

"I'm pleading guilty. I did it. I did it by lying in wait," Burris said as he stood inside a holding cell in the Martinez courtroom flanked by three sheriff's deputies, according to KTVU. "I don't need all this. I want to go back to my cell."

Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge Leslie Landau ordered him to stop talking and advised him to speak to his lawyer before making statements in court, KTVU reported. Burris replied that he already had consulted with an attorney and wanted to represent himself.

"I'm guilty. I did it," Burris said again. "All I need now is the penalty phase. They can kill me. I don't need 20 or 30 years. Why's it have to take so long? Let's just do it now."

The shootings happened during Tuesday's evening commute along Interstate Highway 580. Ross,

Ross. 51, had arrived at work that day in Everette's pickup truck. While the truck was parked in the toll plaza parking lot, Burris allegedly slashed its tires and then watched the vehicle through binoculars until Everette, 58, arrived.

Burris allegedly approached the vehicle at about 5:55 p.m. and shot Everette multiple times in the head and chest with a rifle.

The gunman then walked across lanes of traffic over to toll booth No. 3, where Ross was working, and began firing at her. She died of multiple gunshot wounds.

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