Accused Kidnapper Plans to Return Family of 5 Following Amber Alert

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A woman accused of kidnapping five children says she did so because their biological mother had threatened her life but now says she plans to surrender to police.

The Houston Chronicle reports 44-year-old Rhonda Tavey says she'll surrender today but no additional details were provided about the possible surrender.

Tavey and the children's mother Erica Alphonse tell different versions of events that led to police issuing an Amber Alert for the Houston children.

Tavey, who is white, said all she ever wanted was to do God's will and that she also took the children, who are black, for their own safety.

She said their mother was "abusive."

Alphonse denies threatening Tavey and said she never would have thought, quote, "in a million years" that Tavey would take the children.

The women met at Reliant Park three years ago after Hurricane Katrina devastated Alphonse's New Orleans home.

Their agreement for Tavey to care for the children while Alphonse found a job turned sour last month.

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