Abandoned, Wrinkly Dog Gets Full Face Lift, Double Eye Lift

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A wrinkly dog has received a full face lift and a double eye lift costing $897 so he won’t go blind.

The abandoned shar pei, named Roland, from Australia, is highly prized for his wrinkly skin. But the breed suffers from entropion, a painful condition in which his wrinkles cause his eyelashes to turn inward and rub against his eyeballs, The Daily Telegraph in Sydney reported.

If left untreated the condition could have caused Roland to go blind and was preventing him from finding a home. So the dog has had cosmetic surgery.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals chief veterinarian Magdoline Awad said the 90-minute surgery was not about vanity.

"What we have done is made him adoptable," she said.

"It is not uncommon in this breed, it is a congenital problem."

Roland now has a better chance at finding a good home as a family could adopt him without having to pay for the surgery, Dr Awad said.

SOURCE: The Daily Telegraph