A presidential feud, an Oscar prediction and John Turturro

A presidential feud, an Oscar prediction and John Turturro's fast moves in The Foxlight.

Are two future presidents feuding? Chris Tucker says no. He tells the New York Post he's not upset with another funnyman, and says the feeling is mutual.

Here's the problem: Tucker has a new movie coming out called Mr. President in which he plays the first black Commander-in-Chief. Sounds funny, right? Well, apparently it did to Chris Rock too. He's got his own ‘first black president’ comedy called Head of State. That's led to speculation that the two would like to trade punches with the punch-lines. But Tucker says stop the heckling, they're not mad at each other. And he says rich people don't fight anyway. Apparently he's never lived next door to Martha Stewart.

Next, you heard it here first, I hope. And if it doesn't happen, I'm predicting it so early you'll probably forget if I'm wrong, but here goes: Tom Hanks’ new movie, Road to Perdition, will win the Oscar for Best Picture.

Finally, how does John Turturro do all those quick moves in the supposed comedy Mr. Deeds?

Turturro: I am very sneaky.

McCuddy: I'm thinking you studied some Road Runner cartoons.

Turturro: Hahahaha.

McCuddy: Can you do those quick moves in person?

(Chair is suddenly empty)

McCuddy: John? John?