A Nation of Laws?

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We are a nation of laws, except when politicians don't want to enforce them.  That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

Last night on The Factor, former New York City police commissioner Howard Safir admitted that for the past 15 years, the city has defied federal law and not reported criminal illegal aliens to the federal government.

Think about that.  The largest city in the country basically allows criminals who come here from other countries to roam the streets even after they're arrested.  Situation is the same in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Houston, and plenty of other cities.

So what we have here is a complete breakdown of law enforcement in the area of illegal immigration.  Federal authorities can't stop the flow of illegals across the border and will not use the military to help out.  Local authorities will not enforce federal law.

So criminals from other countries can come here and hurt Americans, and even after they do that, they're still allowed to roam around.  It's incredible.

Remember, two of the five illegals accused of raping a New York City woman last month served time for violent offenses.  The were released from prison.  The INS wasn't even informed.

This is simply unacceptable behavior on the part of our elected leaders from the president on down.  Unfortunately, it will probably take another 9/11 disaster to force changes in our corrupt system.

The blame lies everywhere.  Both Republicans and Democrats refuse to protect Americans because they want votes from the groups that are pro-immigration.

And the press is responsible too.  Very few editorial pages are demanding immigration reform and the securing of our borders.  Instead they pander to special interests, they dominate the elite media, which sees itself as defending the downtrodden, i.e., illegal aliens.

Talking Points has documented the danger to you and the incredible expense of failing to control illegal immigration.  In California, for example, 12 percent of those currently in state prison are illegal aliens.  In Texas, the number is 8 percent.  And there's a good chance when these criminals are released from those state prisons, the INS won't even be informed.  Thus the thugs will have the freedom you and I enjoy.

Congress is now back in session, but real homeland security is not even on the radar screen.  What we continue to get are reorganizations, bureaucratic shuffles, and lame excuses.  America is at war, but our defense here is porous and irresponsible.

Politicians like Mayor Bloomberg in New York and Mayor Hahn (ph) in L.A. must enforce the law.  The gang rape of that poor woman in Queens is on the mayors who continues to allow criminal illegal aliens to violate federal law.

There are no two sides to this story.  Americans must demand that our self-interested and cowardly leaders protect us.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

And time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

These reality programs are way out of control, as you know.  So we're glad you're watching The Factor.  FOX Television is big into the genre.  And coming up is a special on a beauty pageant for dogs.  Working title: "Miss Bitch."

Did they steal that from Grammy nominee Eminem?  If so, it would be ridiculous.

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