A Man in Transition Is Not a Woman

In England, a Muslim man went to Laugh 'n Pass, an all-female driving school, to book a lady instructor to teach his wife to drive. But when Miss Emma Sherdley showed up to do the job, he flipped.

See, until a few years ago, "Emma" was actually "Andrew" and now she's in the middle of a sex change, yet to undergo that final surgery.

The Muslim accused the company of deliberately sending a man disguised as a woman and asked for a "proper" female.

He threatened to sue.

The women at the school called the man sexist, saying his comments were hurtful.

Now, I sympathize with the women, but the man is kinda right. He purchased one thing and was delivered another. I think authorities call this the old "bait and switch."

As for being sexist, if anything it's the women for only hiring women or men dressed like women.
But here's a bigger question: What do you do when intolerance comes not from a stereotypical group you've learned to hate, but from another group with their own set of grievances? Anyone familiar with the world of Islamic extremism knows if they had their way, all gays would die.

As for a trans-gendered driving instructor? Don't plan any road trips.

Which makes me wonder: When there's a group out there that wants you dead, isn't it time for gay celebrities — like Rosie — to reevaluate their priorities? I guess it's easier to joke about Bush and dumb Christians because the other option creates fewer LOLs at your stupid blog.

And if you disagree with me, you probably took your mom to the prom.

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