A Look at Collapses That Miners Have Survived

A look at some mine collapses in which miners have survived after being trapped underground:

— February 2006: Seven Chinese miners are rescued four days after a cave-in at the Aiyou coal mine in China's northern Liaoning province.

— January 2006: Thirty-two Canadian miners rescued after 24 hours trapped in a Saskatchewan potash mine.

— July 2002: Nine miners rescued after eight days trapped in a coal mine in a northwestern province of China.

— July 2002: Nine miners rescued after being trapped more than three days in the Quecreek Mine in Pennsylvania.

— January 2000: Nine gold miners survive for four days trapped in a gold mine at the African Rainbow Minerals mine near Orkney, South Africa.

— July 1996: Three miners survive eight days in a flooded mine in southern China.

— November 1989: Sixty-six miners rescued three days after being trapped by an underground flood in a coal pit in eastern India.

— January 1983: Two Chinese miners rescued after 23 days trapped in a coal mine in northeast China.

— September 1982: Four South Korean coal miners rescued 14 days after being trapped in a cave-in 800 feet underground.

— 1968: South Korean miner survives after being trapped for 15 days.