A Good and Decent Congressman

I had Congressman Elijah Cummings on my FOX Business Network show yesterday.

He's about as good and decent a representative as you could ask for.

And unlike those who posture for the media, he does for his constituents.

And he's a trendsetter, which is why I'm telling you about Elijah now.

He wants more stimulus.

Latest run up in food prices, more food stamps as well.

The congressman's heart is big.

Unfortunately our collective wallet is not.

I reminded the congressman that if food prices, by their own accord, start to fall, as we've lately seen with rice and bread and eggs after earlier scares, have we spent federal money needlessly?

He says no, because he doesn't believe that's the case.

He's not for bailing out everybody, but those truly hurting.

People gotta eat, he tells me.

Quietly, he wants to address the least advantaged, not simply the most ticked off.

There is a difference between a politician who plays to the microphones and a congressman who tries to find a way to pay for food.

His approach is targeted.

Not a lump sum, but a surgical strike.

We disagreed on the details.

But not once were we disagreeable with the approach.

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