A Friend Indeed

Dear Viewers,

Here is a perfect example of why friends -- of all ages -- are so great.

A few months ago an 11 year old named Erin began writing to me. She had spotted the show page e-mail address and decided to write me. I was very flattered that she watched the show and took the time to write me. Frankly, I had no idea that our show could be of interest to someone 11 years old. We have continued to e-mail each other back and forth for months even though, of course, we have never met. During the course of our many e-mails back and forth, I also learned that her father is in the U.S. military and now in South Korea (search).

One night during our show I received an e-mail from Erin that she had been shopping in a mall all day and, coincidentally, seconds later I was surprised with an e-mail from her father in South Korea. He wrote that he was glad that Erin and I had become friends. I had never e-mailed him but apparently her mother had told him about my e-mail friendship with Erin.

Even though my attention during the show, including during breaks, should be totally on the show, I could not resist responding. During a commercial break, I immediately e-mailed her father back that Erin had just e-mailed me about her day at the mall. He then sent an e-mail back to me saying he had not heard from her in a few days and was glad to be getting the "news" from me. I felt a bit bad that I knew more about her day than her father. So, of course I then quickly typed an e-mail to Erin that she needed to e-mail her father right away. All this traffic was done in commercial breaks!

Now back to why friends are so great. Here is the e-mail I received from Erin today:

Hi Greta!!  How are you??  While I was at piano today, my mom was listening to the Sean Hannity Show on the radio and heard you wrote a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW!!!!  Go you!!!  It is coming out tomorrow and I'm getting it right away!!!!!  I'm sure it will be the best autobiography ever!!!  If I send it to you, would you please sign it??  I'd love to have an autograph from you!!!  That would be awesome!!!!  Well, gotta go!!! Great job!!  I know you'll make millions!!!  Now you’re an author!!! Take care..... Erin
P.S. My mom has been calling friends and family and telling them about the book!  I am going to tell everybody at school about it, too!!!  C ya!

My thought: Erin is a good friend and I am delighted that she and her mother are out "pounding the pavement" to help me sell my first book.


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