A Cruise missile, Jennifer Aniston and still more Ocean's Eleven in the overhyped glow of The Foxlight.

Tom Cruise says mind your own business. He then goes on to talk about his 13-year relationship with Scientology, the slightly shorter relationship with Nicole KIdman, and his brand new relationship with the other Cruz. All of this in the new Vanity Fair and all of it to promote the mostly cloudy Vanilla Sky from director Cameron Crowe. Jerry Maguire, this ain't.

Want to put Jennifer Aniston on the cover of your magazine? Liz Smith says it's not all that simple. Don't ask her to smile for the camera. She prefers her smirk, doesn't like her teeth. And forget a profile. She doesn't care for that either. And a 'do like Rachel's? Sorry, you can't show her with Friend-ly hair. Hey, call Courteney Cox instead.

Finally, is it just me or has the buzz around Ocean's Eleven sort of grown a little stale? George, Julia and Brad have been everywhere promoting this thing. And the commercials are on almost as much as regular programming. I like the movie. But will audiences Rat Pack it in?