9-Month-Old Diagnosed With Eye Cancer After Photo Reveals White Spot on His Eye

A simple baby photo may have saved the life of a young infant after it revealed a rare and life threatening tumor.

Jacob Rouse was diagnosed with a form of cancer after his mother, Samantha, 23, took a picture of him and spotted something strange in one of his eyes.

The glare from the camera revealed light sensitive cells in his eye, which could not be seen face-to-face — a sign of the rare eye cancer retinoblastoma.

The brave 9-month-old, who has already lost the sight in his left eye, is now receiving chemotherapy and laser treatment every three weeks in a desperate battle to save the sight in his right eye — as well as his life.

Samantha Rouse was told by family and friends that there was nothing to worry about after taking a photo in September last year in which Jacob's eye appeared to be completely white.

But the worried mother-of-three went to her doctor and insisted something was wrong.

Jacob was finally diagnosed at Hull Royal Infirmary in the U.K. last November, but Rouse and her husband Dane, 25, who gave up his job as a joiner to look after their sick son, were shocked when they discovered the full extent of their child's illness.

Doctors told them Jacob was blind in his left eye due to three large tumors in his line of vision, but they were unable to tell the devastated parents when he lost his sight.

Jacob also has three smaller tumors in his right eye, which may cause him to go completely blind.

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