8 Mile, The Grey Zone, Auto Focus and Abandon

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8 Mile, The Grey Zone, Auto Focus and Abandon in The Foxlight.

This is his moment, he owns it -- and now you can too on DVD. Eminem says he isn't performing at the Oscars but his motion picture debut 8 Mile should perform well on the small screen. Even if you're not a fan of his music, this rapping Rocky tale is worth a look. It wasn't on my Top 10 list, but it did make a few. This is one film the Foxlight can't "rap."

Speaking of Top Ten Lists, Foxlight regulars know this brutal film about the holocaust was my number one. The Grey Zone made about 10 cents in theaters but hopefully it will find an audience on video and DVD. It's not for the squeamish, but its frank portrayal of concentration camp life includes incredible performances -- including one from David Arquette.

One of the worst movies of last year starred Katie Holmes and Benjamin Bratt. It's called Abandon and that's exactly what you should do with it if you come across it at the video store.

Finally, if you were a huge fan of Bob Crane, and are an even bigger fan of Greg Kinnear, you have my sympathies. But here's your movie: Auto Focus tries to give us the creepy side of Hogan and has some interesting moments -- especially with sleazeball Willem Dafoe. Otherwise it's a video about videos that belongs on video. Very, very, overrated.