'7th Heaven' Really Going Off the Air This Time

This time, the end really is here for "7th Heaven."

CW's drama about the Rev. Eric Camden and his family will air its final episode on May 13, wrapping up an 11-year run, network officials said Tuesday, A host of other changes were announced at NBC and ABC.

The 2006-2007 season of "7th Heaven" was a bonus for viewers. The series, which started on the WB, was initially pink-slipped when the CW launched this year with elements from the now-defunct WB and UPN networks.

But CW executives, impressed by the 7 million viewers who watched last year's season finale, decided to put it on the schedule. Its ratings prime has passed, however, and the show has been averaging 3.4 million weekly viewers.

The announcement came as TV networks engaged in some spring cleaning, with ABC also pulling the low-rated drama "Six Degrees" and NBC set to replace "The Black Donnellys" with reality shows.

"Six Degrees," which drew about 3 million viewers in its final airing Friday, is unlikely to be back next season. The drama about the intertwining lives of six Manhattanites debuted last fall with more than 12 million viewers but quickly started to fade.

Returning two weeks ago after a break, "Six Degrees" failed to redeem itself. Repeats of "Wife Swap" will air in the 9 p.m. Friday spot. ABC said Tuesday that it's contemplating putting the drama's remaining episodes online.

"The Black Donnellys," a midseason crime drama that drew nearly 8 million viewers in its February debut, was able to scrounge up only about 5.4 million last week. It is unlikely that the show will return.

It will be replaced next week in its Monday time slot by the improv program "Thank God You're Here," with the reality show "The Real Wedding Crashers" moving in April 23 at 10 p.m.

"The Real Wedding Crashers" follows pranksters who invade ceremonies.

Unaired episodes of "The Black Donnellys" are streaming online, NBC said Tuesday.