666 a Lucky Number for Marrying Malaysian Chinese

The number 666 may represent the mark of the devil, but it was a good omen for many ethnic Chinese in Malaysia.

Hundreds of couples rushed to tie the knot Tuesday, June 6, 2006, or 6/6/06.

In the Hokkien dialect, spoken by many of Malaysia's Chinese minority, the number six is pronounced to sound like the word "luck."

That meant a wedding on Tuesday was expected to bring triple luck.

In Malaysia, a mass wedding registration ceremony was held for 234 Chinese couples, ranging from 19 to 56 years old, at the Thean Hou Temple in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, the national Bernama news agency said.

Another 108 couples were married at the Klang Hokkien Association, south of the city, while 89 couples pledged their love and devotion to each other in the town hall in northern Penang state.

Marketing executive Low Hong Ling, 28, was quoted by The Star as saying over the weekend that it was a special and practical date to be married.

"It is very special because the particular sequence only happens once in a lifetime. Also, the date is easy to remember so we will never miss our anniversary," she said.