6 Wines to Go With BBQ Foods

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Your grill's fired up. Your BBQ ingredients are ready. Your mouth is watering. Your wine glass is… empty?

Never fear! 'FOX & Friends' is here!

World-renowned wine expert, Mark Mazur, former tasting director for Wine Enthusiast Magazine, offers these wine suggestions to pair with your barbeque favorites:

Wine type: Pinot Grigio
Brand: Castellani 'Biagio'
Country: Italy
Vintage: 2005
Price: $9
Food matches: Grilled shrimp or scallops, any white fish, light appetizers

Wine type: Chardonnay
Brand: Tall Horse
Country: South Africa
Vintage: 2004
Price: $8
Food matches: Grilled chicken, swordfish, salmon, pork chops

Wine type: Shiraz
Brand: Rosemount Estate
Country: Australia
Vintage: 2004
Price: $10
Food matches: Steak, tuna, burgers, sausages, grilled vegetables

Wine type: Barbera
Brand: Neirano
Country: Italy
Vintage: 2003
Price: $9
Food matches: Burgers, sausages, BBQ chicken, grilled vegetables

Wine type: Zinfandel
Brand: Ravenswood
Country: USA, California
Vintage: 2003
Price: $10
Food matches: Burgers, hotdogs, steak, grilled vegetables

Wine type: Chianti
Brand: Familia Cara
Country: Italy
Vintage: 2001
Price: $9
Food matches: Steak, pork loin, tuna, salmon, lamb, grilled vegetables

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