2-Year-Old Boy's Medical Condition Means He 'Never Feels Hungry'

A 2-year-old boy in the United Kingdom is suffering from a rare condition that causes him to "never feel hungry," BBC News reported.

Joe Bell, of Aspatria in West Cumbria, was born with a congenital hyperinsulinism – a condition where the body produces too much insulin and leaves him with virtually no appetite.

"From the moment he was born, he just wasn't interested in feeding,” his mother, Vicky Bell told BBC News. "After a few hours in hospital his blood sugar was tested and (it was) unrecordable.”

Joe’s condition, which can be deadly if left undetected, requires him to be fed through a tube in his stomach.

"He had a tube, which went down his nose and into his stomach to feed him for 10 months after we left hospital, because he was just not getting hungry,” Bell said. "But he kept pulling the tube out, so the doctors said he should have the tube through his tummy so that we could get food into him.”

It is possible Joe could grow out of the condition in the future, she added.

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