2 Suspects Jailed in Plot to Assassinate Bolivian President

A Bolivian judge is jailing two suspects in an alleged plot to kill President Evo Morales as investigations continue.

Judge Betty Yaniquez told reporters Saturday there is enough evidence to imprison the survivors of a shootout with police. Three other members of an alleged band of assassins were killed in a raid by police on Thursday in the lowland eastern city of Santa Cruz.

Prosecutor Edward Mollinedo says the suspects, Elot Toazo and Mario Tadik Astorga, are being held on terrorism charges, but refused to be provide more detail. Representatives for the suspects could not be reached.

Tadik Astorga, 58, a Bolivian-Croatian who apparently fought in the Balkans, and Toazo, a Hungarian computer science expert, were being transferred to a jail in La Paz.