2 Assisting Man in Suicide Released From Jail After Posting $60,000 Bond

Two people accused of helping a Georgia man commit suicide have been released from jail after posting a $60,000 bond Thursday.

Ted Goodwin and Claire Blehr got out of jail Friday. The president of the ‘Final Exit Network’ organization, a multi-state assisted-suicide ring, defended their actions, MyFOXAtlanta.com reported.

"Final Exit Network does not 'assist' suicide in any way, nor do we encourage individuals to hasten their deaths," organization president Jerry Dincin said.

"Members who avail themselves of the Exit Guide Program must be capable of performing every required function without assistance of any type. At any time during the process a member can change his or her mind."

Dr. Lawrence Egbert and Nicholas Sheridan, both from Baltimore, appeared in court Friday and waived their right to an extradition hearing.

The two are accused of helping a 58-year-old man kill himself last June. They will be required to come to Georgia to face charges.

Dr. Egbert is the organization's medial director and Sheridan is a regional coordinator for the group, officials said.

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