17-Year-Old Discovers Her Organs Are Failing By Chance

A teenager from the U.K. discovered her organs were failing by chance, after playing with her grandmother's blood pressure machine, the Daily Mail reports.

Amea O'Nion went to the doctor after the machine showed she had high blood pressure. Shortly after, doctors found she was suffering from kidney failure.

"Amea was diagnosed with kidney failure in October 2006 and put on dialysis," her mother Denise Andrews told the Daily Mail. "We really didn't know how close she was to dying. She could have had a heart attack."

Following the diagnosis, the 17-year-old received dialysis each night to clean her blood.

Andrews, a mother of five, ultimately gave one of her kidneys to her daughter. The pair had the operation two weeks ago at hospital in London.

"The operation was more painful for me as the donor," Andrews said. "But it was well worth it to see the color return to Amea's face."

"I'm really grateful to my mum," said O'Nion. "It's made me see her in a different light. Before the operation she was my mum but now we're even closer."

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