A push by Disney to block low-income housing a few blocks from its theme park has earned enough support to send the issue to voters.

Save Our Anaheim Resort Area, which is funded by Disney, gathered 14,200 signatures — about 1,000 more than required. The city clerk certified them Wednesday and will present them to the City Council July 17.

The council could repeal its 3-2 decision paving the way for 1,500 condominiums just blocks from Disneyland, or schedule an election on the issue.

The development, proposed by SunCal Cos., would include about 225 low-income units.

The City Council's vote in April created an uproar in Anaheim. The city has worked hard with Disney's encouragement to create and build a specially zoned resort district around the theme park and has followed most of the company's wishes over the years.

Disneyland argues changing the zoning will destroy the tourism-only resort district, which generates half the city's annual revenue.

But housing advocates say the low-income units are desperately needed by workers who keep Disneyland buzzing but can't afford to live nearby.

Frank Elfend, a consultant for SunCal, said he was not surprised referendum backers gathered enough signatures.

"The Disney corporation has distorted so many facts associated with this project," he said. "We look forward to having an opportunity to put forth the facts in an honest and more straightforward fashion."