Yankees manager Joe Girardi speaks to Alabama football team

Yankees manager Joe Girardi spoke to Alabama's football team about topics he's quite familiar with.

Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said Girardi spoke Thursday morning about three issues that can hurt a team with high expectations: Complacency, selfishness and accountability.

Saban says Girardi flew in with his son and spoke about seven hours after getting home from a 12-inning loss to the White Sox.

Saban spent a day with the Yankees and minor league players at spring training. He often quoted closer Mariano Rivera during last year's national championship run.

Crimson Tide safety Vinnie Sunseri says he's a Yankees fan "and was all googly-eyed" when Girardi was speaking. He says "a lot of the stuff that he said relates to us, and we've got to really take it to heart."