Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger could be in team coach Boro Primorac on Tuesday during his club's 0 win over Udinese in a Champions League playoff.

Wenger was serving a one-match touchline ban after last season's second-round exit at the hands of Barcelona, but he is being accused of using Primorac to pass on messages to assistant Pat Rice, who was serving as Wenger's replacement on the bench.

A UEFA statement read: "Disciplinary proceedings have been opened against Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger for not abiding by the decisions of the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body in relation to the one-match suspension he served during Tuesday's UEFA Champions League playoff game against Udinese.

"According to the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, a manager may not communicate with his team during the match for which he is suspended and may follow the game from the stands only."

Wenger claims that he was informed by the governing body that he would be allowed to speak with Primorac during the match.