Volleyball spiked video replay for the London Olympics.

The International Volleyball Federation said Tuesday the technology, similar to the systems used by the NFL and rugby, could not be implemented in time for the July 27-Aug. 12 games.

FIVB spokesman Richard Baker said Hawkeye ball-tracking technology has been discussed, but such a system is "not feasible yet as we are still evaluating and discussing which way to proceed."

"We're not even close to incorporating it into an FIVB event at the moment," Baker said.

The FIVB congress does not meet again until September, when it would have to seek a rule change that would allow the system to be used. It must first be tried at an internationally sanctioned event, with the 2014 world championships the closest possibility.

The video challenge system allows a team to challenge a call, with the captain and referee then reviewing the play on a courtside monitor. The system is in place in Brazil and it is expected to be used next month in Poland for the Champions League Final Four.

Hawkeye is currently used on the ATP and WTA tennis tours as well as in cricket. Taekwondo is introducing a new electronic scoring and video replay systems at the Olympics.