Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was throwing hand and complained afterward that not enough is being done to protect him.

Vick was knocked out of last Sunday's game against the Falcons because of a concussion, but passed his tests during the week and started against New York.

Although he suffered several hits in a bruising first half against the Giants, including one from Rocky Bernard that slammed his helmet on the turf, Vick fractured his right hand on a hard hit by Chris Canty in the third quarter.

The Giants scored 15 unanswered points in the fourth quarter and won, 29-16.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid said Vick would undergo a CT scan on Monday to further evaluate the hand.

"It doesn't look like it's displaced," Reid said.

Still, Vick voiced frustration over what seemed like his belief that officials have been unwilling to protect him while he's in the pocket, although he wouldn't blame referees directly after Sunday's game.

"That's pretty much been the story for the last three weeks. Obviously at some point, something catastrophic is going to happen. ... Not to blame the refs or say it's their fault. It's just one of those situations," said Vick.

"I just think more precaution should be taken when I'm inside the pocket. You look at all the replays, I'm on the ground every time. It's unfortunate for myself, it's unfortunate for my team, and I'd be lying if I sat here and said I wasn't frustrated right now because of that."

Vick came out of the tunnel and went back into the game after getting x-rays, but was taken out a short time later and replaced by Mike Kafka for the second week in a row.

Kafka came in with 8:07 remaining in the game and threw an interception on a deep pass down the right sideline. The Giants turned the pick into their second touchdown of the fourth quarter.

Vick ended 16-of-23 for 176 yards and an interception. He also fumbled three times, but the Eagles recovered each one.

"I don't know if I'm going to be able to play next week," said Vick. "I don't know anything right now except my hand is broken. We have to figure out what's the next move."