European soccer's governing body has increased cash payments for the clubs involved in the Champions League first round.

The 32 teams are set to receive more than 750 million euros ($968 million) combined in bonuses, prize money and television rights.

The Union of European Football Associations says it's giving each team 3.9 million euros ($5.03 million), up 100,000 euros ($129,000) from last season's fee.

Bonuses for group-match results and reaching the knockout rounds remain the same until the semifinals, when the last four each receive an extra 4.2 million euros ($5.4 million), up 200,000 euros ($258,000).

The winner again gets an additional 9 million ($11.6 million), while the losing finalist's prize rises 400,000 euros ($516,000) to 5.6 million euros ($7.2 million).

Teams, which also sell more tickets and merchandise because of the Champions League, will get similar payouts in next season's competition.