The U.S. Played Host To The World Cup, And Everything Went Off Brilliantly

When FIFA awarded the 1994 World Cup to the United States, many people around the world were skeptical. Heck, many people here were skeptical. As it turned out, there wasn't any need to worry.



    Thomas Dooley (left) of the USA celebrates with his teammates after their 2-1 victory over Colombia, June 22, 1994. Andrés Escobar of Colombia, who scored one of the two U.S. goals, would be killed July 2, 1994. (Photo: Shaun Botterill/ALLSPORT)


    United States fans show off during a 2-1 win over Colombia in the 1994 World Cup.


    The captain of the Argentinian team before their game against Greece, June 21, 1994 at Foxboro Stadium. He would be sent home mid-Cup for failing a drug test. (Photo: Simon Bruty/ALLSPORT)


    Germany's Jürgen Klinsmann celebrates after scoring the only goal in a 1-0 win over Bolivia, June 17, 1994, at Soldier Field in Chicago, Ill. (Photo: Shaun Botterill/ALLSPORT)


    A fan holds up the Mexican flag during the opening ceremony of the 1994 World Cup, June 17, 1994, at Soldier Field in Chicago. (Photo: David Cannon/ALLSPORT)


    Romario of Brazil and Franco Baresi of Italy stretch for the ball during the World Cup final at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, California, July 17, 1994. Brazil won the match 3-2 on penalties. (Photo: Simon Bruty/Allsport)


    Roberto Baggio of Italy after missing a penalty during the shootout against Brazil in the World Cup final, July 17, 1994.
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