Some of the biggest names in sport have lined up with President Barack Obama to condemn violence against women in an advertisement showcased by the White House on Thursday.

Soccer star David Beckham, major league baseball players Evan Longoria and Jimmy Rollins, National Football League quarterback Eli Manning, and basketball sensation Jeremy Lin were among those recruited to speak out against violence.

The ad will run this summer on television and the Internet.

After Beckham says "no one should ever hit a woman," the stars spell out that women are often most vulnerable to abuse by people they know and trust, and baseball executive Joe Torre confided that "growing up, I was ashamed and afraid of my father when he abused my mom."

According to the administration, women ages 16 to 24 have the highest rates of dating violence and sexual assault from someone they know.

Vice President Joe Biden, who is leading the campaign called "1 is 2 Many", said that it was vital that hard truth was confronted.

"Young boys and men get a lot of mixed signals about what constitutes manhood ... that's why it's so important today that these incredible athletes, these guys got together, stepped up, and did this," he told reporters.

Obama ends the clip saying, "Dating violence hurts all of us. So step up and help end it. Because one is too many."

(Reporting By Samson Reiny; Editing by Paul Simao)